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Watches Bay has been designed to bring you the best range of watches online for men, ladies and children. We realise that buying online is all about trust in your brand and as a small company this could hinder our potential. This is why we have partnered with one of the biggest brands online, Amazon to help our own brand to grow and offer the best service possible to our customers.

So what does our association with Amazon provide for our customers:-

  • Authenticity – All our products are checked and verified by Amazon to guarantee we are selling original branded watches, not fakes or imitations.
  • Secure Payments– All our payments are taken through the Amazon payment gateway. This is one of the safest ways to pay for goods online and guarantees your payments are taken safely and securely.
  • Safe Shipping – We use Amazons shipping services to send all our watches to our customers. This ensures quality packaging so your watch arrives in perfect condition.
  • Returns & Refunds– Should there be a problem with your order, we use Amazons returns procedures. This ensures its really easy to return your item if you need to, simply and securely. Amazon will also arrange your refund and we follow Amazons policies for exchanges/refunds to make things simple.

So if you have not heard of Watchesbay.co.uk before, we are quite confident that you have heard of Amazon. We hope that our association with one of the “big brands” online, will give you confidence to shop with us, as we strive to be the number one watch seller online.

Watchesbay.co.uk also uses some clever algorithms to follow current trends, fashion and demand. What does this mean? If there is a sudden demand for a particular brand of watch, you will see our stock levels and selection increase to match this demand. If you come and search for a watch and you cannot find it, we will endeavour to fill the gap, so remember to visit us again in a few days time and you may find the watch you were looking for is now in stock. Now that’s clever tech!

If you do choose to shop with us, we hope that our service matches up with our promises. If it does, please come back and tell us about it so that we can pass on the good reviews. If you were not completely satisfied with our service, we would like to hear about this too, so please let us know.

Thanks for visiting Watches Bay and we hope you find some fantastic watches.

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